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Design Consultations

Homeowners are most often looking for more than just a price on any given project. In fact, you should have and deserve more than just a number. Renovations are significant investments. Your investment warrants a complete education in your options and what your financial investment will potentially bring to your property.

Those who will benefit from a Design Consultation:

  • Homeowners trying to decide whether they should proceed with renovation plans or to move.
  • Homeowners wanting design ideas with aesthetics and function in mind.
  • People searching for a new home with a realtor and looking to become educated on renovation project costs and feasibility before purchasing a specific property.
  • Antique homeowners who want to preserve the original character of their home, while making necessary changes for modern families.

Great for you

There is a wealth of knowledge that is gained during a Design Consultation, which you deserve before committing to a project. Fees may apply in some circumstances.

Contact us for details.

For smaller projects, your drawings can be prepared by Benchmark, without the additional expense of a traditional architect. From our many years of working with local building departments, we know what details will need to be included in order to secure a permit. This clarity allows your permits to be pulled quickly and efficiently.

“Having a consultation offers the client the chance to ask a lot of questions. You get a lesson, of sorts, on your home… almost an instruction booklet on how your house works. I learned a lot from Andy about my antique house that I otherwise never would have known.”

– L. Boffey, Wilton

“Having recently moved to the US from overseas, I found the process of buying a home pretty daunting. In retrospect, that process seemed easy when I then started on the ‘home improvement/building project’. Having Benchmark as my Design Consultants made all the difference. They were knowledgeable about all aspects of the project, not only what made sense from a design perspective but also the best way to approach the project – options, budget implications, timing, etc. Taking the decision to move ahead with the project was easier as I knew what to expect. I have confidence that the project will align with my expectations on time and budget. And it will be a stunning addition to my home, suited specifically to my family and the way we live!”
– L. Agostini, Westport